About Us
Kyle is originally from Joplin, Missouri and graduated magna cum laude from Oklahoma City University School of Law.  After interning with the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Oklahoma, Kyle returned to the area and began his legal career practicing law as a prosecuting attorney in Greene County, Missouri, prosecuting crimes ranging from minor traffic offenses to Class A felonies. 
Following his career as a prosecutor, Kyle switched to civil work and began representing plaintiffs injured in automobile accidents or from dangerous conditions unremedied by property owners.  Additionally, Kyle practiced workers' compensation law and represented workers injured on the job.  Kyle would finally join a large law firm representing employers and insurance companies in workers' compensation claims and employer's liabilities claims before beginning his practice as a solo practitioner.

Through his legal career, Kyle has represented both the State of Missouri and the accused in criminal cases.  He has represented both the injured worker and the employer/insurer in workers' compensation claims.  Finally, Kyle has represented both the injured plaintiff and the negligent defendant in both automobile liability lawsuits and premises liability lawsuits.  With such valuable experience on both sides of the coin, Kyle knows the strengths and weaknesses of each case and will provide realistic and practical advice for any situation.

"I know what the other side is thinking because I've been in his/her shoes." Call Kyle now for a free initial consultation.  Know what you're up against and get the answers you need.  You deserve aggressive representation for a reasonable price.